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Beginners S. E. O. Tutorial

When we talk about search engine optimization the first thing I think about is keywords. A keyword according to Wikipedia is " A word describing a concept found in a document such as a Web page, constituting part of the metadata for the document". The metadata in a web page is located in what is called the head of the document.

A HTML document has two parts we will discuss here, the head and the body. For the sake of this tutorial the head of the HTML document contains the following tags, the page title, description, and the keywords.

Meta TagsThe tags are highlighted in yellow. The description and the keywords tags are called meta tags. The title tag should contain one or more keywords. The title tag is the title that is displayed on the top of the browser window. The description tag is the words that most search engines use when the search results are displayed. The description tag should contain as many keywords as possible. If you use too many words in your whole description will not be displayed. The keywords are the words and/or phrases that most people will use in the search engine to find your site. These keywords should be chosen carefully. The kewords and keyword phrases must also be contained in the body of your wep page. The body of the wep page is the part between the tags (<body></body>). The body of the web page is the part that actually shows up in your browser.

The SEO BookThe best resource tool I have found for helping me with my search engine listings is the SEO Book. I find that this book which is in PDF format and is updated regularly is invaluable when I am raising the search enging rankings for my clients. SEO Book was wrote to offer the latest SEO tips and techniques to novice to intermediate level search engine marketers.

If you have been working with search marketing since 1995 this probably is not the book for you. Having said that, even if you are a long time search professional you still would be able to learn about a few tips and see a few new tools you have never seen before. If you would like to learn more about this book just click on the image.

There are a lot of FREE tools on the internet to help you choose your keywords. Some of these tools are Free and others offer a Free limited version.

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