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Search engine marketing, or as it is refered to "pay per click" is a skill that takes alot of your time doing your homework. I am going to mention two of the most popular services available at this time, Google Adwords and Overature (now Yahoo).

Both of these services have some very good tools to aid you in your research. Before you begin to use these tools you need to calculate your budget. How much is a visitor worth to your site? How much are you willing to pay to get one of these visitors to your site? Will you pay as much as 50% of your profits to get extra visitors to your site.

To calculate how much a visitor is worth you need tracking software installed on your server, Webalizer Logaholic, and WebTrends are just three. Your hosting service should have some sort of tracking software installed on your server. Ask your hosting company about this.

Once you have determined how many unique visitors you have had in a defined period of time you divide your profits during the same time period by the number of unique visitors and now you know how much a visitor is worth. Now you have to decide how much of this you are willing to pay to get more visitors to your site.

The words or phrases you decide to bid on are going to determine the quality of extra visitiors you bring to your site. If your site is selling dogs, the animals, you can bring alot of visitors looking for hot dogs, the kind you eat, but you probably will not make more sales.

Just take your time do your home work and you can bring alot of actual customers to your site. Check out both Google Adwords and Overature (now Yahoo) look at and try out their free tools and see if you to can find a way to increase your ROI.

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