White Rose Productions

Recommendation for White Rose Productions and Gary Pool from Allen Quist

Web Master Website Developer

As a web master/website developer, Gary Pool at White Rose Productions provides a highly competent multifaceted approach to web site creation and management. Gary's work on www.spiritdrivenchurch.net demonstrates his ability to create a site that loads fast even on a slower dialup modem, yet attracts attention, provides clarity, and leads site visitors easily through the pages.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to all the above attributes, Gary Pool demonstrates a gift for search engine optimization. If a web site owner wants a site that is for limited use yet is easy to find, Gary makes it happen. If a web site owner wants a site that visitors can find from searches around the world, Gary makes that happen also. Gary does not use preprogrammed templates, forcing a web site into a package. Rather Gary matches the web site to the needs of the individual or organization.

Allen H. Quist
Co-author of The Spirit Driven Church

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