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Stationery Design

Geometric Stationery White Rose ProductionsNorthWest Walford Schools needed a logo that would represent children but still have a sophisticated look. This design uses basic shapes and basic colors which are among the first things that children learn. Then these elements are placed on a sophisticated "compass" effect showing the words "NorthWest" up in the Northwest corner of the page of a standard map. This compass orientation was clearly followed through in the stationery by emphasizing the edges of the paper with both text and a colored line.
White Rose ProductionsThis modern Phoenix design cleverly uses the tail to draw the eye across the page, marking the margin of the paper. The circular Phoenix body and wings hints at flight while holding the children in a cradle. The envelope gives flight to the Phoenix while still maintaining postal requirements. On the business card the person's name and title are set above the tail which serves as a divider, leaving the other details (address, phone, etc.) in a less prominent position. Phoenix Stationery
Pool Logo Stationary Set

This is Gary's personal stationery

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