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Logo Design

Logos should work in both color and/or grayscale

Fairway Village Apartments
Sometimes the client only wants a logo in grayscale. This is an example of a logo we designed for Fairway Village Apartments.

PRIDE Equine Rescue PRIDE Equine Rescue
This logo was designed for P.R.I.D.E Equine rescue.

Geometric Logo Design Geometric Logo Design in Grayscale
NorthWest Walford Schools needed a logo that would represent children but still have a sophisticated look. This design used basic shapes and basic colors which are among the first things that children learn. Then these elements were placed on a sophisticated "compass" effect showing the words "NorthWest" up in what would be the Northwest corner of a compass.

Modern Phoenix Design Modern Phoenix Design in Grayscale
This modern Phoenix design cleverly uses the tail to draw the eye across the page. The circular Phoenix body and wings hints at flight while holding the children in its arms like a cradle.

Child-like Phoenix Design Child-like Phoenix Design in Grayscale
This logo, a cartoon-like mascot, depicts a hopeful juvenile character that both children and adults will enjoy.

Pool Logo on Green Slime Pool Logo
Developed by Gary Pool as an animated logo, this cute little character contains all the letters of Gary's last name - P O O L. To view Gary's biography click on the Logo. To view the "animated" logo, click [here].
Shirley de Rose's Logo Shirley de Rose's Logo
Shirley developed this logo to represent her web design talents. This "web" gives the illusion of vibration and can also be interpreted to represent communication in its various forms. To visit Shirley's biography click on her logo.

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